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The WICT Network Speaker Series:
DeShane Hambrick

DeShane Hambrick
Vice President of PM/CX
Comcast Cable



DeShane Hambrick (pronouns: they/them) serves as Vice President of Project Management and Customer 

Experience for Comcast’s Keystone Region, which comprises western, central and northeastern Pennsylvania, 

eastern Ohio, northern West Virginia and the Maryland panhandle.  


DeShane leads a team that manages construction projects, product launches, retail store openings and improvements to the Xfinity customer experience. Previously, they served as senior director of the retail sales channel for Comcast’s Keystone Region, where they oversaw management of the region’s Xfinity stores and indirect sales team.  


DeShane started their career with Speedo Authentic Fitness in 1992 where they quickly proved to be a loyal and 

strategic employee.  DeShane has developed operational systems from the ground up including building inventory systems, sales processes, training programs and retail expansion.  At Comcast, DeShane has worked with a regional tiger team to develop a referral partnership between Comcast Business and Xfinity retail stores and has led event marketing to support Comcast’s expansion markets. Embracing their diversity, DeShane is also a contributing leader of Comcast’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.   


Outside of work, DeShane has spent many hours volunteering, including beautifying living and play areas for 

women and children in shelters, feeding and donating clothing to those in need and contributing at local Humane Societies.  DeShane also enjoys spending time with her two adopted cats, Tango and Cash.  But DeShane’s favorite activity is going to amusement parks with their 14-year-old daughter, Makayla.  DeShane does enjoy getting some much-needed wind therapy either by taking the top off their Jeep or taking a ride on their Harley with their partner Flora Guerrero.   

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